Women in Ayurveda

Ten part speaker series with inspiring women professionals in Ayurveda

Hear from women professionals in the Ayurveda community who are changing lives by following their passion in Ayurveda as healers, teachers, practitioners, business owners etc. Learn about their work, passion and personal story of getting started in Ayurveda. 

Martha Harkey

Topic: Drug-Herb Interactions
Considerations for recommending Ayurvedic herbs in clients who are taking pharmaceutical drugs

View Recording || Dec 2019

Joanna Matson

Topic: Cannabis & Integrated Healing
My personal journey with using Cannabis in integrated healing

View Recording || Jan 2020

Moira Blitzstein

Topic: Kshar Sutra
The timeless best option for Ayurvedic treatment of fistula

View Recording || Feb 2020

Madison Madden

Topic: Creating a new practice & establishing a Specialty
The challenging components of setting up a new professional practice

View Recording || Mar 2020

Dr Namyata Pathak

Topic: Integrative Ayurveda and COVID-19
Understand COVID-19 through the lens of Integrative Ayurveda

View Recording|| Apr 2020

Mamta Landerman

Topic: Guidelines for developing your professional practice
Pointers for students graduating from educational institutions

View Recording || May 2020

Heather Grzych

Topic: Welcome the Divine Feminine into your practice
Support women in your Ayurveda practice

View Recording || Jun 2020

Susan Weis-Bohlen

Topic: The Business of Ayurveda
How to set up your business for success in the times of a global pandemic

View Recording || Jul 2020

Jeannine Rashidi

Topic: Trauma & Healing the relationship with Myself
Journey from PTSD to the Advanced Doctor program in Ayurveda

View Recording || Aug 2020

Cynthia Copple

Topic: Assessing Prakriti and Gaining Client Compliance
Tailoring your Ayurvedic approach for a client’s Prakriti to get compliance

View Recording || Sept 2020