In Conversation with a Vaidya

10 part interview series with Vaidyas who practice and teach Ayurveda in the West.

Every month we deconstruct the approach of seasoned Vaidyas with a diverse scope of practice. Vaidyas talk off the cuff about their passion for Ayurveda, specialties, contemporary issues and the most important lessons they have learnt. We will extract knowledge, tips and resources that you can use in furthering your practice of Ayurveda in the West. Join us live on the second Friday of the month or watch the recordings later. 

Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath

B.Sc, BAMS & Academy Director at Kerala Ayurveda. Vaidya Jayarajan is a Specialist in Traditional Indian Medicine, Scholar & Educator, serving Kerala Ayurveda USA as Director of all academic programs and wellness services. With over two decades of experience in India and the U.S, he has touched the lives of thousands of clients across a wide array of disorders.

Friday, 8 Jan 2021 || 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET

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Vaidya Jayagopal Parla

An internationally known speaker, educator, practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga with extensive clinical, teaching, and research experience. Founder and Director of Athreya Ayurvedic Integrative Health Center, Long Beach. Founder and Vice President of Athreya Herbs, a U.S.-based provider of Ayurvedic herbal formulations. He also teaches at Southern California University of Health Sciences, Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda, and Kerala Ayurveda Academy and serves as a visiting faculty member at the Japan School of Ayurvedic Medicine. 

Friday, 12 Feb 2021 || 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET

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Vaidya Namyata Pathak

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda, India), Vaidya – Scientist Integrative Health Director. Dr. Nami is one of the most extensively trained Ayurveda physicians in the US, practicing for nearly two decades. She is trained in Ayurveda and modern medicine and draws from both to offer sustainable health transformations. A widely published teacher in top Ayurveda schools in the US, she is a celebrated speaker and consultant for creating lateral health systems, especially for chronic disease management. 

Friday, 12 March 2021 || 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET

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Vaidya Meenakshi Gupta

BAMS, Masters in Ayurveda (Gold Medalist), Panchakarma Specialist, Certified in Nutrition Science and Child Nutrition. Based in the Dallas area, Founder & CEO of AyurRoots Ayurveda Wellness. With 23+ years of teaching & Ayurveda clinical practice, she is one of the few holistic practitioners in the US leading efforts on real integration and focused on client-centric restorative care.

Friday, 16 April 2021 || 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET

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MD (Ayu), RHN, CBAC is an Ayurvedic MD, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Base Allergy Consultant, International Speaker and Educator. Vd Manjiri specializes in integrating ancient Ayurvedic Medicine with modern Holistic nutrition and works with chronic conditions like digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance and metabolic disorders. 

Friday, 21 May 2021 || 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET

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