Community Hours

Meet & greet community members on the last Friday of every month

Use Community Hours to meet & greet other members of the community, discuss topics of common interest, share your stories and cultivate relationships among the community.

Day: Last Friday of every month

Time: 1 pm PST/ 4 pm PST

Majestic Redwood trees in the forests of coastal California are known to be the tallest and largest trees in the world. They live for thousands of years and may grow up to 100 meters in height. Yet, their roots are known to be shallow; only a few feet deep.

How are they able to weather torrential winds, floods & storms? How do they stay strong?

The answer lies in the Redwood groves. Every tree belongs to a Redwood Grove or a family of Redwood trees. They thrive in thick groves, where the roots can intertwine and even fuse together. They have extensively interlocked root systems that span hundreds of feet from their base. Their connected roots give them their strength and stability to survive adversity. This is the power of community.