What is the purpose of our community?

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In this post, we’ll cover some important updates for our community members.

We’ve been growing as a community and what an exciting journey this has been! It also presents some opportunities for us to reflect on our journey so far and organize ourselves to be a young, healthy community that can grow sustainably in the future. 

In the last few weeks, I’ve been asked two questions by many of our community members:

What is the purpose of the CTA community?

Are there any guidelines for participating in the community?

Some of you have also reached out to me and shared your thoughts on these questions as well as suggestions for how we can improve going forward. I really appreciate this guidance and have taken it deeply into consideration. In this blog post today, I want to address the two questions that you’ve asked me with the help of this guidance. 

What is the primary purpose of the CTA community?

We’re a modern, vibrant community for students and professionals in Ayurveda. We focus on creating this community through two main aspects: the CTA WhatsApp group and live online events. 

The CTA WhatsApp group is meant to facilitate connections, conversations and collaboration among the community. The primary goal of the CTA group is to provide a place for two sided, responsive conversations among our community members. Like me, many of you may also be part of other groups for Ayurveda. However, there was a very specific reason why we created this group on WhatsApp (as opposed to Facebook , email etc). It allowed for timely responses to questions and requests for support. This aspect of conversations and responsiveness is what makes our CTA group unique. It helps us become better practitioners of Ayurveda through mutual support in a timely manner. 

The second aspect of the CTA community is that we organize live events. These are meant to create a forum for our members to meet at a common place and time (albeit online) to continue learning and exchange from fellow practitioners. We need real connections to create a vibrant community. To see each other, hear each other, meet each other: this is a basic human need for us to trust and develop relationships with one another.

We live in different parts of the world and it’s not easy for us to meet in person as much as we’d love to. Through these live online events, we strive to create the next best option for meeting and connecting live with fellow community members. For those of you who aren’t able to connect live, we do also record the events for viewing at a convenient time.

Our WhatsApp group has been very active so we’ll go a little deeper into how to use this wonderful resource effectively.

What are some guidelines for posting in the CTA WhatsApp group?

We’ve found that every communication platform comes with it’s own set of benefits and challenges, including WhatsApp. To ensure meaningful participation in the CTA group, here are few important guidelines that we would request you to follow in making CTA a healthy and vibrant community.

  • Members may start new conversations about Ayurveda practice with other members or post requests for time sensitive support
  • CTA organizers may share community updates with all members
  • Members are strictly advised against using this group for sending unsolicited forwards, promotion or broadcasting purposes

More focus on Ayurveda practice 

Please use this group for discussions that will make our community better practitioners of Ayurveda. This is a wonderful community of people with diverse backgrounds in yoga, medical sciences, astrology, nursing, body work etc.

Sometimes it is tempting to veer into related topics however please use your judgment to differentiate what is directly related to the practice of Ayurveda versus what is not. This group is primarily meant for developing our Ayurveda practice; please keep your discussions focused on this topic. 

We have a main WhatsApp group for all members and then focused community channels for specific discussions. Topics like Events, Daily Practices, Ayurvedic Cooking, COVID Response, Group Study & Work Opportunities have been created so that interested members can choose to participate without clouding the group feed of all members. Learn more about how to use community channels.

More conversations 

We want to encourage authentic, two sided conversations between CTA members. Start conversations about what you are studying. Request support on a project you are working on. Offer your support to a fellow member with their request. Ask questions to help a Rogi you may be working with. Ask questions about about a herb or formulation. Initiate a local meetup. These are all good examples of two sided conversations that go a long way towards building a vibrant community.

If you have a time sensitive question needing a response, please use the group to post your query. Maybe you are working with a Rogi who needs immediate attention or maybe you have a pressing need for support; we are here to help you. 

If you see an ongoing conversation and would like to start a new, unrelated conversation, avoid cutting in. Give it some time for the conversation to settle before you initiate a new topic (just like you might when meeting friends in person). Sometimes your time and availability doesn’t permit waiting but please do make an effort when it is possible. We will appreciate your patience and understanding. 

CTA Organizer Updates 

CTA Organizers may use this group for sharing relevant community updates with all members. Some examples of what this may include

  • Welcome new members to the CTA community
  • Share important updates about community guidelines or member benefits
  • Share announcements about upcoming events organized by the CTA organizers like Women in Ayurveda guest speaker series, CTA Community Hours etc

Less broadcasting

CTA’s WhatsApp groups are not meant for promotions, broadcasting unsolicited information i.e. forwarding links, events etc.

As a member, we ask that all your forwards, articles or events ONLY be posted in response to another member’s inquiry. For example… A member may not forward a link invite to a meditation class unless another member specifically asked “Hey, does anyone know any good meditation classes?”. This allows us to keep the focus on conversation versus promotion.

As a member, if you are organizing an event or want to share an event that you believe would be relevant to members, you can use the Events community channel to share it. Learn more about sharing Events & other community channels.

We believe that these simple guidelines will go a long way in making our community vibrant and sustainable.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and participation here in the community. Please write to me directly if you have questions or would like to offer your thoughts on developing these community guidelines further. 

Thank you once again for joining CTA and helping us build towards a vibrant community.

Want to invite someone to CTA?

If you’ve found the CTA community to be valuable and want to invite someone you know, we’d love to help with that! 

Please ask your friend to fill up this form.

Once they have submitted the information, we will be happy to add them to the community.

Want to volunteer?

If you’ve been wanting to get more actively involved with CTA, we’d love to talk to you.

There are several opportunities if you are interested. We are seeking Community Organizers/ Leads to grow CTA through our WhatsApp group as well as the live online events.

Learn more about contributing as a Community Lead at CTA.

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