Want to join us as a Community Lead?

Published by Shruti on

In this post, we will discuss the role of the Community Lead/ Organizer at CTA.

If you’ve been wanting to get more actively involved with CTA, we’d love to talk to you about several volunteer opportunities to support our growth.

We are seeking Community Leads to grow the community through our WhatsApp group, live online events and the launch of local, in person events.

This is a volunteer role involving remote work. Let’s address some questions that you may have about this opportunity.

How can I contribute as a CTA Community Organizer?

Introduce new members to CTA and guide them on support needed during their first 30 days.

Organize online events to facilitate connections among CTA members in a variety of formats: social meetings, study sessions, co-working hours, recipe/ formulation making etc.

Organize local events in your area to create in person connections among CTA members.

Organize free health camps to connect potential rogis with Ayurvedic practitioners.

Write and contribute to the CTA website like recipes, useful resources like eBooks/ research publications, blog articles etc

Ensure that guidelines for community participation are followed in the WhatsApp group.

How much time would I need to commit?

We are flexible to explore what works for you in terms of responsibilities and time commitment.

We will need your participation at a weekly team meeting to connect and discuss plans for the week.

We think 2+ hours of your time in a week can go a long way towards building the community. Week to week this may be less or more based on the status of your projects.

Please share what is feasible for you; we will be very fortunate to have your time and energy at CTA.

Can I work from anywhere?

Yes, you can absolutely work from anywhere as long as you are able to do your work remotely using email, Zoom conferencing, WhatsApp, Google Drive etc.

Do I need any prior experience or skills?

No, you do not need any prior experience.

If you enjoy connecting with new people, organizing groups/ events and working in a collaborative environment, you will be a great fit.

As long as you are a CTA member and feel passionate about putting Ayurveda into the hands of every individual who is seeking health and wellbeing, you already are on your way to succeeding as a Community Lead.

How can this help me?

Volunteering at CTA can be a great way to complement your ongoing pursuits in Ayurveda – whether it be as a student, practitioner, business owner or home maker. Since founding this community in 2019, it has been a very rewarding experience for me personally so I’d like to share a little bit about what I’ve gained working on this community.

Grow your professional network

I’ve formed several new relationships with fellow students and professionals in Ayurveda as a result of community work at CTA. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to them, learn from their personal journey and professional practice. I’ve been able to offer them support. This has been extremely rewarding and one of the top reasons that you may consider volunteering at CTA.

Ayurveda in the real world

As we sometimes say, we are all lifelong learners in Ayurveda. By meeting other practitioners and developing relationships with them in the real world, I’ve learnt a lot about how Ayurveda is relevant today in the real world, outside the classroom setting.

Charter new collaborations

I’ve come across several new collaborations through the CTA community – guest speaker series, teaching workshops or apprenticeship opportunities. By joining the CTA Organizer team, you will get to be a part of a working group with common interests and goals. This can lead to many such opportunities to collaborate that maybe a good match for your interest and skills.

How can I apply?

Contact me via WhatsApp or email shruti@comingtoayurveda.com