How to use Community Channels effectively?

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We’ve launched new community channels at CTA like Ayurvedic Cooking, Book Club, Events, Group Study, Mentorship and Work Opportunities. In this post, we will explain the purpose of community channels at CTA and how to use them.

As a member of the CTA community, you have the opportunity to join our exclusive WhatsApp groups for members. These groups are meant to facilitate connections, conversations and collaboration among the community.

It is very natural for members of any community to have a diverse range of interests. Similarly, students and professionals in Ayurveda also have a variety of interests. Some may be interested in discussing ways to help their Rogi, some may want to deepen their daily pranayama practice while others may be interested in Ayurvedic cooking. Some may want to study together while others may want to discuss the latest Ayurvedic developments related to COVID-19. As our community grows, we see more diversity in these interests and want to support these member interests through community channels.

In order to create a dedicated space for members of the community to discuss a specific topic of their interest, we have launched a few different community channels. CTA members can choose to join any channel of their interest and connect with other members in this dedicated space. This ensures that members with common interests can connect in a smaller, intimate setting without clouding the feed of all members in the larger CTA group.

So far, we have launched the following community channels: Ayurvedic Cooking, Book Club, Events, Group Study & Work Opportunities. More may be added based on new requests so do reach out to us if you would like to request a new channel. Let’s go through them one by one.

Ayurvedic Cooking

This channel is meant for CTA members who are interested in deepening their practice of Ayurvedic cooking for healing. As one of our members put it: food is such an important part of who we are as individuals, families and communities so joining this channel is another way to come together with like minded people and share ways to cook using Ayurvedic principles.

  • This channel is being used to share recipes created or recommended by members
  • Learn about practical food related resources like seasonal food guides, brands/ products recommended by members

Book Club

This channel is meant for CTA members who are interested to read books about health, wellness and spirituality. The group meets every 2 months on the second Saturday of the month. You can see our list of books and vote on them once you decide to join the Book Club.

COVID Response

During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 global pandemic, this channel is meant for CTA members who want to learn about Ayurveda’s role in responding to COVID.

  • This channel is being used to share events, webinars, articles and research related to understanding COVID from the lens of Ayurveda.
  • Learn about practical resources like immunity building herbs, making your own natural sanitizers and face masks etc.

Daily Practices

This channel is meant for CTA members who want to deepen their daily practices in Ayurveda.

  • CTA members use this channel to join or lead daily online events that are related to the practices of Pranayama, Asana, Meditation and Mantras.
  • Examples of ongoing daily practice events: Daily mantra chanting, Pranayama series etc.


This channel is meant for CTA members who are interested in attending or sharing relevant events for students and professionals in Ayurveda.

  • Share relevant events with other members. You may share events that you are organizing or may be participating in (as a speaker or attendee).
  • Find out if other members are joining an upcoming class, workshop or conference
  • Get access to the CTA Event calendar (a Google account is required to get access to this feature)

Group Study

This channel is meant for CTA members who are interested in studying together to deepen their knowledge of Ayurvedic texts. Study sessions can be scheduled online or in person depending on member interests.

  • This channel is being used to organize group study sessions of Ashtang Hridyam or other Ayurvedic texts. Weekly study sessions are held online on Sunday 2 pm PST/ 5 pm EST.
  • Members may join an ongoing study session or start their own.


This channel is meant to promote Ayurvedic businesses, recycle/ reuse products to save our lovely planet 🌏. Members may use this channel to

  • Offer Ayurvedic products or services for sale/ gift for free / work trade with members of the CTA community
  • Ask the community if you are in search of something (ISO)


This channel is meant for CTA members who are interested to work closely with a senior Vaidya on a paid basis to develop their professional practice. This group shares information about potential mentors and mentorship programs that are offered by individual Vaidyas or educational institutions. In order to join this channel, please fill out this brief questionnaire.

Work Opportunities

This channel is meant for CTA members who are interested in exploring work opportunities in Ayurveda. This could include:

  • Paid or unpaid work
  • Full time, part time or freelance jobs
  • Internships, apprenticeships

Please note that the community channels listed above are available in addition to our primary WhatsApp group (COMING TO AYURVEDA) in order to create more space for topic focused community discussions. This primary group is meant to be used for the following purposes:

  • Members may start new conversations about Ayurveda practice with other members or share requests for time sensitive support
  • CTA organizers may share community updates with all members
  • Members are strictly advised against using this group for broadcasting purposes

Please note that participation in all our groups must be in accordance with our updated community purpose and guidelines so that the group feed doesn’t get clouded with posts that are not relevant to all members.

Hope this quick guide to using community channels at CTA was helpful!

If you have questions about something, please share them in the comments section.

Want to join a channel?

Please contact me on WhatsApp to be added to one of the channels listed above. These channels are available for CTA members only so if you aren’t a member yet, please start by filling out this form.

Want to start a new channel?

Please contact me on WhatsApp to share details of your new channel request. We will try our best to support your request.