Our Team

Shruti Keerti: Founder, CTA

I founded CTA after experiencing persistent health imbalances that modern medicine couldn’t explain like migraine headaches, dark circles under eyes, hair fall and hormonal imbalances. Learn more about my story with health imbalances.

I’ve worked at startups & world class companies like PayPal, eBay in Silicon Valley for 12+ years. I’ve built & launched products while leading diverse teams in US, India and Germany. 

Coming from a scientific background, I found it impossible to accept that health imbalances are normal, need invasive treatments or worse still, can not be understood. 

I completed the Ayurvedic wellness Counselor program from Kerala Ayurveda Academy in 2020. I am now taking the  Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner program at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in the SF Bay Area.

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